Suzanne Somers, Advocate of BHRT

Suzanne Somers has been acknowledged for her leading role in bringing information on today’s groundbreaking anti-aging medical protocols, preventive care, long-term health, and hormone replacement therapies to women and men across the country. At the time of this writing, she is 66 years young.

In her online blog, Suzanne writes the following about BHRT:

“As I’ve written about in many of my books disease prevention and successful aging begins and ends with bioidentical hormone replacement. The effects of real hormone replacement are so remarkable and life altering (for the better), that it threatens big business.  As a result the opposition continues to discredit the theory of restoration to optimal health through hormone replacement. Big business realizes that if we all get to feel this good on real hormone replacement then we won’t need many (or any) of their drugs.  But as information infiltrates (hopefully in part due to my books) millions of people are now choosing restoration and in doing so realize that we can not only turn back the clock but in  many cases eliminate degenerative disease risk—and with it the subsequent need for hospitalization, toxic drugs, and nursing home confinement.” 

Suzanne Somers
Advocate for Women’s Health
Actress, Author, Entertainer, Lecturer

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